A Message from Claudia

Thank you for shopping on our website and I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I have a strong duty to keep our community safe, and protect their livelihoods, and as such we have all been working from home since the 16th March. Our website is fully operational as is our logistics which run from our family run warehouse. I am in regular contact with them and they are fully compliant with government advice on hygiene and social distancing as well as government guidelines encouraging online retail to continue. Along with our close knit team keeping us going with daily memes, and positivity, we are really grateful to our warehouse for their support to us and also to the NHS who they supply.

We are entering a new phase where I think, already, many of us are learning to appreciate what we have, and to be happy with simpler pleasures. Stripping down to the essentials and reconnecting with our passions seems to be what is naturally evolving. So in the midst of this we will need to find ways to connect together and share slivers of joy where we can. I have personally taken huge joy in the daily unfurling of nature around me, and also the unfurling of friends and colleagues’ creativity in these quieter times. Creativity and skill is at the heart of what we do, as is positivity and joy. We all take huge pride, and quiet pleasure, in the joy, and enjoyment, you tell us our designs bring. These moments of joy we all need now more than ever.

Whilst jewellery is not essential right now, we hope that the power imbued in our designs will at the very least bring you some much needed joy, and perhaps some strength and support can be drawn from the love and passion we pour into each design and into the skilled making of each piece.

Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to us, and we hope you keep well and close to your loved ones.

Claudia xxx