About Us


Claudia designs jewellery for strong, independent and adventurous women with a passion for living life to the full.

Her journey into the mysterious and wonderful world of pearls began with a well-meaning but ill-conceived gift from her husband. She tried to find the gentlest possible way of telling him that it was far too expensive to be so uninspiring. Touring the pearl markets of Hong Kong shortly afterwards, she was mesmerised by the versatility and allure of this, the oldest and arguably most beautiful of gemstones.
She started by creating simple pieces for friends, stringing pearls on to knotted leather. But as her enthusiasm and the popularity of the designs grew, it evolved gradually into a complete collection of contemporary jewellery designed to bring a little style and joy to every possible occasion. A non-conformist by nature Claudia wears sneakers with dresses, pearls with jeans every day, but doesn’t rule out full on red carpet glamour, but maybe in a trouser tuxedo and pearls….

Claudia’s mantra remains just the same as it always has been; that every woman should be afforded the luxury of wearing beautiful pearl jewellery every day, in every way.

‘Having started out to modernise, and bring a fresh perspective to the pearl, I wanted to convey the sense of power implicit in this beautiful gemstone. From their amazing and fascinating history to the iconic women and men who have worn pearls, they are the most alluring of gems, loved throughout the world. My designs channel this power to create beautiful pearl pieces for today, and tomorrow, and for every woman’ – Claudia x