About Our Jewellery




After the initial hand selection of pearls and following on from the design process in Claudia’s Hampshire studio, drawings and measurements are then discussed in Hong Kong where the pearls are strung by a family business who Claudia has worked with for over 15 years. Shared values and a love of pearls have cemented this partnership over the years.

For the more intricate silver pieces, Claudia works closely with a manufacturer based in Chiang Mai. This is a second generation family business, and involves very precise, and highly skilled processes. Each item is either stamped, or cast, and involves a minimum of 6 steps to the finished piece; each step looked after by a skilled crafts person who has had a minimum of 18 months training.





Our iconic World is Your Oyster Pendant, is made by a huge stamping machine.

The height of the machine, and the physics of the sheet of silver, (which has been

melted and rolled, then endlessly put through a press by hand) being pressed into

the beautiful stamps in the small square in the middle of the stamping machine is

quite incredible.

Looking at the finished piece it feels unlikely it could come from this enormous machine.





Casting is the alternative to stamping, and the beautiful Lyra Angel Wing pendant is one or our many cast items.
A wax of the finished item is made from the mould, and then attached with painstaking care to a wax ‘tree’, which is then put inside a cylinder and surrounded by investment powder. This is then ‘baked’ in the oven which sets the powder solidly and melts the wax. Silver is then poured into the set hard powder – down the trunk of the ‘tree’, and into each silver shape via its ‘sprule’, with it following the exact shape of the wax shapes, so you end up with the silver being cast as you require it.



“We’re fortunate to work with people with the same values and attention to detail, and have worked hard to develop strong working relationships with all our suppliers, resulting in jewellery that has been lovingly created” – Claudia