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AW16: Layering Up



So we’re enjoying our autumnal layering wardrobe, coats over jumpers on top of shirts, we’ve got it nailed. So let’s be honest, why is it not as simple when it comes to layering necklaces? Does layering necklaces completely throw you? We understand, it can be one of the hardest fashion skills to master, however we’ve come to the decision that we’re over thinking it!

At the CB office we’ve honed in on the art of layering necklaces and broken down a few components to nail this look once and for all.

One: The Basics. Let’s start with the basics, the handy image below details lengths and where each necklace layer should ideally lay. Do remember this isn’t set in stone. Layering is all about versatility and making it bespoke to you.

Two: Graduate. Go for a graduated effect, this is how Claudia is styling the layering look. A delicate shorter pearl necklace with a slightly chunkier, longer necklace. So for example, the Pearl & Silver Blade Geo Necklace which has a length of 43cm (it does also have an extension chain) is then layered with the Simple Pearl Pendant featuring a longer length of 56cm, and again this has an extension chain.

Three:  Lariats. Don’t underestimate the power and versatility of a pearl lariat. It’s the best way to add length.  With the flexibility of tying is wherever you want, it’s a layering essential. The silver and white pearls on the Ombre Pearl Lariat Necklace ensure the necklace hangs beautifully.

Four: Mixing Metals. Mixing rose gold with silver can easily make your layering feel more unique. Anything goes, they do say the more diverse your necklace combo is the better. Try mixing our Halo collection with a number of our classic pearl pendants, like the Essential Necklace.

Five: Ropes & Ropes. You can never go wrong with loops & loops of pearls. Odd numbers of layers normally work best with classic pearls, so three, five or try seven if you dare! The Ombre Button Pearl Rope with its silver and white pearls will add another dimension to just stacks of plain white pearls.