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Choosing The Perfect Gift



Daunting to choose anything ‘perfect’ and indeed, there is probably no such thing. However we can aim to choose something that will bring joy and perhaps also therefore be a perfect fit for your loved ones this Christms. And for this we need to mainline THOUGHTFULNESS.

First up. Think. Who are you buying for and what sort of jewellery do they wear? Look at what they wear every day and for special occasions and think of adding to it. If they always wear bracelets get some inspiration from our stacking trend. A structured bangle goes brilliantly with all other bracelets so if they don’t have a bangle this is your sweet spot.

For the adventurous person, consider buying them something unexpected. If they always wear stud earrings, how about a pair of Jacket earrings – that way you get two pairs in one (the backs are detachable). If they have ever mentioned considering a second piercing why not go the whole hog; book them a piercing appointment and give them a beautiful single pearl.

It’s always a good idea to supply a solution to a problem (who can resist being the hero/heroine?). Is there a big party coming up, a new dress to accessorise, or perhaps a new job to mark? Check out our Gift Guides for specific inspiration, but in the meantime our World Is Your Oyster Necklace is the perfect gift for anyone embarking on a new adventure.

For the younger person starting out it is a great idea to build a jewellery wardrobe. Start with the basics – pearl studs,then add some interest – essential necklace, then some sparkle – black spinel and silver pearls.

Finally, something beautifully wrapped will always bring pleasure, so track down some decent paper, stock up on sellotape and nice labels and get folding like an Origami Queen/King!