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Choosing the Perfect Pearl Stud



A good quality pair of pearl earrings is the cornerstone to any jewellery collection and can last a lifetime. Universally flattering, all of Claudia’s pearls are chosen for their gorgeous lustre. With a wide selection of colours and sizes to choose from, you can find your ideal pair right here.

Manhattan Pearl Studs (3-4mm) – The smallest of our pearl studs, the Manhattans are the perfect ‘starter’ pearls and here in the CB office we regularly select these for younger friends and family. We also sell a similar pair in natural pink in support of our nominated charity, Maggie’s.

Button Pearl Studs (7-8mm) – The perfect mid-sized pearl stud, these are ideal for everyday wear and are our most popular size of stud earring for this reason. Our Button Pearl Studs in pink are a great way to update your jewellery collection to include the pastel pink shade that is appearing everywhere this year.

Audrey Pearl Studs (9mm) – Named after style icon Audrey Hepburn, these generously sized studs feature baroque pearls, which are valued for their slightly irregular shapes that help to accentuate their lustre. Available in four colour options (white, silver, pink and peacock), the subtle shape differences between these attractive pearls mean that each pair is unique.

Couture Pearl Studs (13mm) –  The largest of our pearl stud earrings, the lavish baroque stones used in our Couture Pearl Studs are carefully matched to form attractive pairs. These stylish earrings have been spotted on Dame Helen Mirren and the choice of white, pink or silver pearls will ensure they are the highlight of any outfit.

Have it both ways – Several of our ear jacket designs are versatile enough to be worn in two different styles; as a simple pearl stud or add the jacket for an entirely different look. All of our bestselling Pearl Duo Earrings are now supplied with additional butterflies, enabling you to wear them with or without the lower pearl. For a modern take on the classic white stud, our Pearl & Silver Blade Geo Earrings have a removable silver blade. Last, but emphatically not least, our new Savanna Ear Jackets offer a glamorous update to the enduring pearl stud.