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Choosing your pearl earring style – we have the ultimate pearl earring edit


This June we are taking time to celebrate our most loved and interesting designs. And what better way to start than with earrings.  Possibly the easiest way to update your mood, or style, is to add earrings to your wardrobe.  So read on to find your perfect pearl earring style –  because it is all about the girl with the pearl earring….

Our pearl duos are one of our most loved designs and feature one of Claudia’s core design mantras – adaptability. Take off the ear jacket to wear a simple stud, or add in the ear jacket for a thoroughly modern pearl style.  You can choose between our duo earrings in 5 different colourways, plus several other beautiful pearl ear jacket looks.  Find one that suits you and you will never look back.  They also make the perfect gift for anyone born in June.  Discover all our ear jackets HERE

Worn by many inspirational women around the world we particularly love it when we see Dame Helen Mirren in our designs.  You see her here wearing our two tone pearl duos, our silver and white pearl duos

Our hoop collection is extensive, and offers the ultimate edit for silver, gold and pearl hoops.  However these three designs (chosen from several with the same features) have the added advantage of being able to be worn two ways.   You can take off the pearl elements to give you two different looks.  Key to consider here is whether you like your pearl ‘dangling’ or more fixed.  Choose accordingly and why not try our gold plated hoops for a ray of sunshine in your day.  Discover all our hoops HERE

Multiple piercings are the norm these days, and if you are looking for a perfect start to your ear layering our EAR LAYERING SET is the solution to this – and each element can be worn on their own of course.  However if you are not there yet, why not try out one of our gorgeous cuffs – no piercing required.  Discover all our cuffs HERE

Unsure of what they would like, why not give them the chance to buy something they have chosen themselves by sending them one of our gift vouchers.  Particularly useful if you are not able to see someone,  our gift vouchers can be sent by email so there is no posting required. Discover all our gift vouches HERE.