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Who doesn’t love a challenge?  Especially if it involves finding new jewellery styles.. We asked one of our ambassadors, Patri from @justalpatri, to work with our most versatile design, our silver and pearl cirque lariat.  We wanted to see how she would style it out and what earring designs she would choose to go with each look.  We love how she has evolved the beautiful pearl lariat across three key looks, which we hope will inspire you to experiment yourselves.  We also asked her to write us a guest blog.  Here are her thoughts.  As a native Spaniard we really like her fresh perspective on our designs.

‘There is nothing better to complete an outfit and give it a special and personal touch than with a good piece of jewellery. It is the perfect accessory to bring some elegance and sophistication.

I have been a Claudia Bradby ambassador for a year and a half and her pieces of jewellery never cease to amaze me. They are unique, timeless and affordable pieces of jewelry, in which Claudia perfectly combines silver with pearls, which is her distinctive  hallmark. That way she manages to create minimalist and elegant pieces that can be adapted to any occasion and style, and with which she always conveys her passion for pearls.

Her Cirque Silver and Pearl Lariat necklace is a perfect example of everything Claudia wants to transmit to us with her jewelry. It is a spectacular, unique and very versatile piece, which we can wear in different ways depending on the occasion and style. In these photos I show you some ideas of how to wear it and how I have combined it in some of my outfits, with different styles. You can do multiple combinations of layering, ideal for casual looks, double it up and put the pearl through the ring for a more elegant look, or wear it “lariat” style. I have combined it with Claudia Bradby’s earrings and bracelet. I have adapted her Dreamcatcher Hoop earrings and, together with the Geo Silver Hoop earrings and the Manhattan Pink Pearl Studs, I have managed to create a set I love.

‘I have double layered it in a casual outfit, with a white silk knotted shirt, flare jeans and sandals, completing the outfit with a straw bag. Ideal for a walk in the countryside.’

‘I have also been able to create a triple layering with it, in which the pearl and the ring are closer together and give it more strength. I have worn this one in a smart casual outfit, with a lace bodysuit, jeans and a black blazer.’

‘Changing it over to a simple a lariat, I have combined it with a black off-the-shoulder top, to differentiate well the ring and the pearl, and baggy jeans, completing the outfit with a jewel belt, black sandals and a black clutch bag.’

‘And finally, I have chosen a total black outfit with beige accessories to clearly show the different possibilities of this magnificent necklace.’

Thank you Patricia.  It is fabulous to see so many different ways to wear this one beautiful necklace.  Did you know that the cirque lariat was inspired by the trapeze artists of the circus?  The sinuous nature of the lustrous single pearl threading through the ‘hoop’ of the necklace, alongside the endless ways to wear it make it one of our most important and unique designs.

It features a single, beautiful natural pink pearl drop which Claudia tells us is very difficult to source.  ‘I spend an  inordinate amount of time tracking this down – I hand select each pearl to ensure the best lustre, shape and smoothness for this design.  At just over 14-16mm in (drop) length it is hard to find pearls of the right quality at this size.  Especially as I want a very specific shape and colour for this pearl so that is works seamlessly in the design.’