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Claudia’s Christmas and Gift Selection


Claudia's Christmas and Gift Selection

I have all my family coming, for the first time ever, so this is a very special Christmas for me… We will be 17 and range from 9 months to 79 years old! We usually go abroad for the Christmas holidays to one of my favourite places – see picture above.

I have tried to get everything organised in November, but I’m not quite there yet! However, I have chosen my gifts (don’t read on any of my family) and what I want to wear, jewellery wise, though I’m still on the hunt for a kimono type top, or lovely print, to wear on Christmas day.  Any suggestions very welcome.

For my two nieces, I’m getting a pair of the guardian angel earrings, splitting them into 2 singles and giving them one each.  I love the idea of them sharing the earrings, and layering them up with their other earrings in their multiple piercings.  At 18 and 15 they have a very individual style and I know will wear them in their own individual way.  The eldest put her 18th birthday present of the manhattan pearl studs straight away in her rook piercing, it looked great!

My daughter has set up her own jewellery business, making beautiful pieces from silver I no longer use, and selling through instagram,  so it is super hard to give her something.  But she is a student and happy to have a bit of luxury.  She has fallen in love with pearls having done some copywriting work for me. I will treat her with our signet open pearl ring, which I know she will move around her fingers so the open element will help fit each one; and I will also give her a single angel ear climber to look over her when she is away from home.  She is very close to her cousins, so I like to think of the 3 of them being connected.

My aunt has always been a wonderful spirit in my life – making me feel very comfortable and lovely about myself particularly through the uncomfortable teenage years – I slightly regret not taking her advice to shave my head, but then again, I’m not sure I had the chutzpah then to pull it off!  So I am giving her my guardian angel bracelet.  She is quite delicate, and works a lot with dance, so I think it will really look wonderful on her.

My mum probably has the most extensive collection of my jewellery so is difficult to choose for.  I have plumped for the large signet pendant as it will look wonderful with her beautiful silver grey hair, and her colouring, and it will also work with her white pearl earrings that she has – she wears our biography hoops often and I think it will look fabulous with those.

I will wear my absolute go-to crush, our signet pearl couture hoops.  They are the ultimate cocktail earrings and work really well with block colour as well as print. And I’m hankering after some print to wear this Christmas day. I have my eye on another Rixo top, just waiting to work out which one!   I’ll pair the earrings with our pearl cocktail ring for dinner once I have got everything cooked and on the table….  I won’t wear a single necklace as I don’t want to be too matchy matchy, but I may wear 2 chain necklaces layered up so there is no conflict with the earrings.

Wherever you will be I hope you will enjoy, treasure and treat all your nearest and dearest this Christmas.