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Claudia’s Christmas Edit


As soon as the John Lewis Christmas advert is broadcast I start getting excited about the Christmas season – somehow the build up to Christmas can feel more fun than the actual day but this year we are away, with all 5 of us hoping for some snow in the mountains so I know the 25th won’t disappoint.

We  are staying in a lovely hotel, which is a huge treat, and so we probably take slightly more party clothes than normal which is fun and I will be packing my new Lagertha drop earrings and cascade earrings as my complete favourite statement earrings, and my Marilyn hoops as my early evening go-tos, as well as potentially wearing skiing – I used to go completely jewellery free, but taking a leaf out of my daughter’s book I now wear earrings – in fact I feel really strange if I don’t.  I will also wear my shield maiden ring which I have worn daily since I received the first sample – back in August.  It is my talisman, and links me to the shield maiden warriors of a bygone age.  I hope to channel a bit of their spirit of adventure and bravery everyday; and it gives me great aesthetic pleasure too!  Inspired by my blogger friend Nikki from Midlife chic I have bought one of the Hope fashion tiered/ruffle skirts which I have already worn with my Coco epee drops layered with the Marilyn pendant and Lagertha choker; this will be my Christmas eve outfit – nb worn with a V neck cardigan with a camisole under it – I can’t quite go the whole hog and do a Katie Holmes bra and cardigan….

I am not a particularly good present giver, unless it is jewellery when I just love to match friends and family to the right piece.

For my best friend, who turned 50 this year, I am giving her my sandollar necklace and having it engraved with her name and birthday – we go on holiday together a lot and she introduced me to snorkelling for sea urchins.  This reminds me of those shared ‘sea’ boho relaxed times and her great support and immensely generous friendship.  I will really enjoy knowing that she has this special piece.

Teenagers and godchildren will be getting some of my Lagertha studs which I wear daily – I like to think of these young shield maidens going out into the world armed to feel amazing about themselves with extra bravery and strength from the earrings.  And they look really cool too.   Added to the Lagertha studs I will be giving  my micro hoops which they can put in any piercings and layer up with other pieces.  I may well send out quite a few layering sets – the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

My daughter has asked for quite a few pieces and I was surprised that she asked for our very lovely biography hoops – I think she likes the chunky silver element and her generation seem to be embracing pearls (she is 22).  She is very discerning so I am flattered and may well get her a pair. She is on a year exchange in my favourite city in the world, Sydney, so I would love to think of her wearing them there and being connected back to us here at home.

The men in my life will be receiving our cufflinks – I actually gave a pair to my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary this year and he loves them.  They are unusual and I like the idea of them giving a compass of sorts to the men navigating the world.

I have a friend who is a complete fan of Clare Balding (who isn’t??) and so I will be pushing the boat out and giving her our signature heart necklace which Clare has and wears frequently.  Again the connection and thought elements make that really worthwhile for me.  I take great care in creating all my designs and I enjoy feeling that that depth of thought and passion is invested in the designs themselves, and carries over to whoever ends up with them.

I hope you all have the most wonderful December, whatever you are doing, and that the next month is filled with love, and, most importantly, time with those you love.