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Claudia’s favourite designs from the Northern Star collection


We caught up with Claudia to ask her which pieces from the new Northern Star range she has selected for herself, and this is her reply…

‘Being asked to pick your favourite designs is like being asked who your favourite child is…. Of course I love them all equally.

Having worked with the finished designs for over 3 months now, through technical adjustments to the excitement of the final photoshoot, and wearing them all in between, there are, I must admit, some pieces which I have turned to more frequently.

To put it in context, I generally find that 3-4 pieces from each new collection find their way into my every day wear, and offer the perfect boost to my everyday jewellery.  And a couple of pieces, or in this case several, become my go-to pieces when I’m going out; whether that be for drinks with friends, or a full on dress up bash.’


‘I don’t go out without my shield maiden ring. Not only do I love the shape of it on my finger (and I really don’t like my hands, they are rather manly and my nails are always appalling given that I use my hands so much) but the resonance of it back in time to Viking shield maidens, via a hugely enjoyed drama, gives me a daily lift.  And it works with everything.

And I wear my Lagertha studs every day – I completely LOVE them. They go with everything, especially layering necklaces, or worn on their own over the new cosy knitwear I’m wearing.’


‘If I am going out in the day, or visiting one of our lovely stockists, I will add in a couple of layering necklaces and I turn immediately to our good luck pendant, and the Lagertha choker necklace.  I love that they ‘speak’ to each other and fit so well proportionally.  With 3 separate length fittings they are adjustable to all my shirt necklines.

And I add in the Northern Star bracelet, layering it with one of our essential bangles, or two, or wearing it simply with rolled up sleeves.’


‘My two favourite statement earrings are the Lagertha cascade earrings which I dream of wearing with our micro hoop in a second piercing on one side, but I’ve wimped out on the second piercing… They feel really feminine, stylish and unusual, without ‘wearing’ me.  I think they channel the slight 80’s, plus the ’ear- climber’, vibe that is very current right now. I love them. Second out are the Lagertha drop studs, they are a cool mix of modern sharp design with a luscious pearl drop.  They are equally gorgeous with hair up or down.

And as to necklaces I have worn the Marilyn pendant more times that I can say. I love the modern silver fitting that the beautiful and unique pearl hangs from.  And I like the various heights I can wear it at, often layering it up with my Lagertha choker necklace, and good luck pendant. It is a statement pearl necklace without any of the old associations that come with that.  I have seen it worn by so many women now, and each person it adapts to so beautifully.’