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Claudia’s Picks of the New Collections



We all love new things here at the CB office and so new collections mean tricky decisions over which new pieces to choose. Can we really justify those new pearl studs? Why, yes we can. Apparently our brains are hardwired to seek out new things because they stimulate the release of dopamine; the chemical in our brain which makes us feel good. So, it can’t just be us who enjoy choosing new jewellery! To help you pick from the gorgeous new pearl jewellery in our Winter 2017 collections, Claudia explains which are her personal favourites and why…

“My number one pick from this season’s new collections is the Graduated White & Silver Pearl Necklace. When I spotted the lustrous silver pearls I knew I had to have them, they were so beautiful. I wasn’t quite sure of the best way to use them so let that filter down over a week or so, getting a feel for how they might sit, with what necklines and what other jewellery they might work well alongside. Our bestselling Ombre range offered up the solution as I didn’t want them to feel traditional, more ‘unexpected’ yet still gorgeous. The length allows them to be layered with shorter silver necklaces for a less dressy look, but they could equally well work over my go-to signature grey t-shirt and (in my case leather) jacket look over jeans.”

“The second of my favourites is the new Star Lariat Necklace; a stunning piece with the free running luscious silver pearl which sits at the base of the throat and pretty stars dangling at the end of the chain. I wear it throughout the day, neat underneath a day shirt or over new season knits, but it really shines with evening silks and dark colours. It channels the trend for chokers with style and ease. My final choice would be any of the new designs with peacock pearls – I love their deep, iridescent colour for the winter season. We have introduced the Peregrina Pendantand Earrings with peacock pearls and so these would be my choice for an elegant matching set that I would wear over and over again. Having said that, for a special occasion I couldn’t resist the new Farrah Pendant and Cuff in gold with peacock pearls. Inspired by one of my style icons Farrah Fawcet, it’s great for wearing with black and makes for a very striking look.”