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Claudia’s Winter Jewellery Wardrobe



A bit like being asked who your favourite children are (all three of them obviously) it is tricky to pick out your favourite jewellery creations. However, every season I have a jewellery roll of new pieces at home and keep the ones that I wear the most. First up are my Geometric heroines – our Blade and Bar necklaces. The latter I wear every day, the blade epitomises my design philosophy – sharp, modern, addictively wearable and not to be found anywhere else. I like to wear the two necklaces layered up which is a look I love (works best if you wear the Bar Necklace on its shortest length and and the Blade Necklace on its longest and they sit perfectly together). Adding to these heroines is the new long Simple Pearl Pendant . I like layering it with the Blade Necklace to give a bit of edge, but equally I am enjoying wearing a slightly longer pendant.

Hard on the heels of these new loved ones is my crush of the season. I am not particularly keen to have a third piercing but I love the idea of wearing a cuff. So hello our new Ear Cuff. Rare for me not to be seen in it, it works really well with the edgy Spiked Pearl Studs when I don’t want to wear a necklace, or just on its own. Sometimes I need a reminder that life is there to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously; and this is my daily talisman on that front. I do quite like the idea of a small diamond hoop, so watch this space…I’m waiting for the party season to really make the most of our new double pearl Geo Drop Earrings. Channelling a ‘rock chick’ feel, these nonetheless look fabulous on and are extremely elegant, with an edge I  like. And finally my surprise favourite is the Ombre Pearl Lariat – slinky, molten, easy to fling on and it works really hard to earn its slot in my winter edit. Hard contest with the Ombre Pearl Rope… they do look great layered up… Should I stop now? Happy Shopping!