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Dawn French – Embracing Going Grey, Fashion and Inspirational Women


dawn french earrings

Comedy super-star and best-loved British actress Dawn French is an inspiration to us all here at Claudia Bradby.

From her 80s debut in beloved sitcoms like French and Saunders and The Vicar or Dibley to now leading her one-woman comedy show. In the exclusive Good Housekeeping interview, Dawn opens up about the inspirational women in her life, including her mum and showcases her new hair style, which embraces going grey.

Part of Dawn’s fabulous new look also features our Lagertha Pearl Drop Earrings, which Dawn wears on the cover of Good Housekeeping with super stylish yet casual clothes, including a tie-dye top.

The star talks about how she grew tired of dying her hair herself during lockdown and decided to let her natural colour come through, but is now embracing the natural look and curious to see what her bob hair-style might look like with the grey.

In-keeping with International Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping’s 100th anniversary celebrations, Dawn also touches on the changes she would like to see for women over the next 100 years, including greater respect:

“There would be equal pay if women had respect, and you would be believed about abuse,” she says. “Women deserve respect for so many reasons because we are mighty. We’re starting to be heard more – and that needs to continue.”

When asked about who inspires her the most, Dawn talks of her wonderful mum Felicity Roma:

“”She was a pioneer when it came to changing the lives of young women with drug and alcohol issues, and she founded a recovery centre in Plymouth called Trevi House,” Dawn explains.

“Alone as a widow from a very young age, she was strong and fearless. If I had a quarter of her strength, I’d be grateful.”

Read the full interview with Dawn French in the April 22 edition of Good Housekeeping out now.

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