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Discover our three new guides to layering your jewellery


New this month – our three videos with inspiration on how to layer your jewellery.   Claudia designs all her jewellery to work together, and one of our core styling principles is layering our jewellery.  And we are not talking twinset and pearls here… Oh no.  This is the modern way to wear pearls.   We hope these guides may inspire you to revisit your jewellery box and get more love from all your CB pieces.  We know that one necklace is never enough and stacking & layering brings us great daily joy!  So read on to create your very own layering style……

How to layer your necklaces

We have the ultimate layering set with these three beautiful necklaces, which can be worn in any combination.  Listen to our guide here which features this gorgeous pearl and silver  layering necklace set which you can find here on our site.

Firstly take a simple start point – we like to start with a shorter necklace; maybe one with a bit of interest around the neckline – here we have chosen our beautiful Lagertha choker.

Next, add in a simple pendant – our much loved good luck pendant sits well with the lagertha choker. Don’t choose two very busy necklaces; we are aiming for contrast here.

For your third layer you’ll  need to add necklace with a longer length – our marilyn pendant does the trick nicely here and adds a beautiful focus point..  So some fun playing around with lengths to find your own layering style.


Creating a beautiful ear stack

Check out our new ear layering video here.  In the meantime here is our simple guide.

To get started we suggest putting the largest earring in your selection in your lobe piercing –and then scale up the ear by scaling down in size. Here we have started with our favourite hoop,   and put next to it  our beautiful ear thread pearl drop which is perfect for layering as you can just adjust the height to balance out the hoop and to suit your ear shape.  Top it off with one of our cuffs –  no need for a third piercing.  The main thing to look at in designing your ear candy is to think about movement, proportion and size; and have FUN. Just as a PS we wouldn’t recommend having symmetrical  ear layering so if you have multiple piercings on both side have fun with some asymmetrical layering.



In a hurry?  Start with our prêt a porter silver and pearl ear layer

Simple bracelet stacking style 

Discover our video here.  Meantime here is our simple guide.

‘I have too much jewellery’ – said no one ever… We love a simple everyday bracelet but a layer works brilliantly if you want create a slightly more interesting look.  Take a simple chain or pearl base and add in one, two or three of our essential bangles for a change of shape, texture and to provide structure.  And voila, you have created your very own bracelet stacking style.  For this video we used our much loved silver and pearl cowrie shell bracelet and our world is your oyster pearl and silver chain bracelet.

In a hurry?  Start with our prêt a porter bracelet stack