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Finding the perfect birthday present


We are here to help you find the perfect birthday present.  Jewellery is a very emotive gift to give and to be given – Claudia knows that more than most as she started designing because of a piece of jewellery her husband gave her that felt a bit generic, and didn’t resonate with her.  We like to think that we have the perfect birthday present for any woman.

One of our most loved pieces to give is a pearl and silver design from our The World is your Oyster range.  The sentiment alone is very appealing to share, and it is a wonderful gift to give anyone setting out on new adventures, to celebrate iconic birthdays and it is the perfect gift for all ages particularly as you can layer both the necklaces and bracelets up with other jewellery.



Added to the sentiment expressed it is a very personal design as it originates from a shell Claudia’s mother brought her back from the beach in Australia where she was born.  All the reviews mention how easy this is to wear, so it is a fail safe design to choose for anyone.  Hear Claudia speaking about this design on our IGTV channel.

One of Claudia’s core design philosophies is that every design must matter; to have a depth and story to it and of course she takes huge inspiration from the rich history of the iconic pearl and the inspiring women who have worn them, channelling this power into designs for the women of today and tomorrow. Pearls have been the most favoured gifts given throughout history.

The thought and generosity of spirit behind a gift is often the most touching part, and this resonates with our philosophy of creating beautiful jewellery, that is skillfully made, and of a high quality, but also has a depth of meaning and resonance.

Of course beautiful packaging helps to make the person receiving the gift feel special and we particularly love the drawer element of our jewellery boxes – opening something up to reveal treasure seems to be hardwired into our joy part of the brain!  Our soft branded pouches are perfect for taking your jewellery on your travels with you and the boxes are much valued for their luxury feel.   Our pearl and silver jewellery makes the perfect birthday gift be that an iconic 18th birthday, a 21st birthday, a 30th birthday, a 40th birthdary, a 50th birthday, a 60th birthday all the way up to 100, or a treat for every birthday to make someone feel very special.  DISCOVER OUR BIRTHDAY COLLECTION HERE

If you are unsure exactly what to give our new GIFT CARDS are the perfect solution to your birthday present.