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Five Tips For Stacking And Layering



Everyone can achieve a stunning layered look without the need for a limitless jewellery collection. Experiment with what you have until you find a combination you’re happy with – there are no rules but here are some tips as a starting point. Have fun!

1.  Rule of three – as a basic guide, sets of three are easy on the eye; a rule used by interior designers and stylists alike. When it comes to layering your necklaces or stacking rings, stop at three to avoid looking cluttered.

2.  Mix your metals – the great news is that you don’t have to part with your favourite pieces to get the layered look. Even if you usually wear silver you can introduce some gold or rose gold in your stack. Our Moonlight collection has been designed with layering in mind so makes the perfect partner to existing pieces.

3.  Tempting textures – as well as mixing metals, try varying textures. This works particularly well with arm candy, contrasting bangles with pearls and other stones in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to ears, a small pearl stud will soften the effect of multiple piercings.

4.  Layering in lengths – the current trend for delicate pendants makes them ideal for doubling up and works best worn at slightly different lengths. A long pendant is a great investment for adding extra interest to plainer tops. Again, a mix of textures can liven up an outfit so consider a trying a long pearl rope instead.

5. Easy ear stacking – multiple piercings is a huge trend and our selection of composable earrings can be worn in different ways to achieve the same eclectic look. Pair with one or two of our ear cuffs and, hey presto, an ear stack to be proud of!

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