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Get to know our CB ambassadors – An interview with Laurie from the blog Vanity and Me


A few weeks ago we had the chance to meet with one our amazing CB ambassadors; blogger Laurie from Vanity and Me. Through her blog and Instagram account, Laurie shares her love for beauty and fashion. We’ve been working with Laurie for many years and we’ve always loved her low key luxurious style. During our interview, we talked about blogging, her style and her plans for the year ahead…

1. Tell us how and why you became a blogger.

I became interested in blogging after reading about a woman in her 50’s that had been blogging for some time and how much she was enjoying it. I thought it was great that there could be a gap for us women over 50 to do something like this. Just because you’re in your mid-life it doesn’t mean that how we dress goes out the window plus there’s so much beauty advise to share once researched. Trying out new skincare brands, there have been some real gems found and I love sharing about those.

2. How do you create your outfits?

I’m a very monochromatic classic dresser. I like to wear my classic wardrobe with on-trend accessories. I love neutral tones and find every shade of neutral will work together. I build my style around that.

3. What are your favourite fashion labels?

What are my favourite fashion labels? That’s a tough question! I like lots of brands and the scale of price varies from real budget clothing that lasts, to higher-end brands that I save for. Two brands that I could wear every day is Baukjen and Reiss. I’m a fan of Massimo Dutti, Zara’s big sister brand. My dream is to own a Dior Lady bag. I’m still saving!

4. How do you think jewellery can change a look?

Jewellery completes your look. Jewellery tells the story. If you wear a plain T-shirt and add different necklaces one at a time. say a gold fine chain = a simple look. Add pearls = a classic look. Add a bold statement necklace = a more dressed up look

You can change an outfit so much with the accessories that you wear.

5. How did you find your particular style and how would you define it?

I found my look through blogging I think. I’ve always been a classic style dresser but I like to add on-trend accessories. But The colours that I wear often are what has changed. I found that by sticking to certain colours I know that suits me has helped me build my wardrobe of style. I don’t have to hunt for anything to wear long because the colours all work well together. I love nude tones, creams, pinks, khaki and browns.

6. Do you have a style icon?

I love Holly Willoughby’s style and Amanda Holden.

7. What are you looking for when buying a fashion item (clothes or accessories)?

Quality is key I think when you’re buying any new items for your wardrobe. I always stop and think about how much wear I would get out of an item plus of course if it’s a perfect fit. I never spend much money on trend-led items (normally handbags) But I will spend extra money on something that I see and fall in love with and I know if it’s going to look good and last for years.

8. If you could only wear the same piece of jewellery (other than your wedding band/engagement ring) everyday what would it be and why?

One of the jewellery items that I wear on a daily basis is two gold bangles passed down from mum. I also love my Pearl Ear Jackets from Claudia Bradby. I wear those on a near-daily basis and they go with everything in my wardrobe!

9. What are your plans for 2020?

I’m in the process of a house renovation and that’s keeping me busy! I document it on my blog from time to time. I’m hoping to go on holiday this year too. I have a cousin in Portugal and I’m looking forward to visiting her. One thing I am excited about is starting my filming over on YouTube. It’s a new learning curve and I love a challenge. I’m really enjoying it so far and I feel viewers see so much more on film rather than the blog. It’s just so much more real. I even appear on there make up free! I take a deep breath and hit record! I’d love it if any of you would like to join me over there.

We really love the recent posts from Laurie featuring our jewellery.  Take a read of her blog HERE about casual dressing.  We love how she has styled our friendship bracelets and new helix pieces.  And we have SERIOUS wardrobe envy for her beautiful post HERE featuring our pearl bracelets.

Make sure to follow Laurie on Instagram and her blog Vanity and Me.