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Heartfelt Jewellery Gifts for Everyone this Valentine’s Day


pearl friendship bracelet

Traditionally a time for couples to get romantic with flowers, chocolates and date nights, like most events over the past 12 month, this Valentine’s Day is going to be a little different. While cinema trips, eating out and ice skating may be off the cards, there are still plenty of ways to show someone you really care.

In these tough times especially, we believe Valentine’s Day should not be limited to couples. Perhaps you have a friend who is struggling and could really use a little something special to boost their mood? A friendship jewellery gift could be just the thing to make dark days that little bit easier.

You may also have a friend or family maybe who has really helped you get through these tough times – a little gift to say thank you as we look ahead to hopefully much calmer seas is sure to make them smile.

Jewellery for Friends and Family

Claudia’s handcrafted storytelling designs include some of our bestselling pieces with heartfelt jewellery that allows someone special to keep an inspiring message close to their heart.

Claudia has very cleverly designed these pieces to ensure the message is featured in a subtle manner, allowing the jewellery to retain it’s stylish and elegant look.

The World is Your Oyster collection is our most popular silver and pearl jewellery gift for all occasions and encompasses the message that just like the pearl, we are all powerful and able to achieve our dreams.

Beautifully gift packaged and sent directly to your friend or family member, jewellery with a story to tell will stay with them forever.

Jewellery for Your Wife

If you’re looking for a timeless jewellery gift for your wife or partner this Valentine’s Day, a pearl and silver necklace or bracelet offers a gift she can treasure forever.

As one of the most popular gemstones for it’s elegance and symbolic of wisdom, wealth and protection, the pearl has become even more sought after due to it’s recent appearance in the hit Netflix TV series The Crown. (include link to crown blog post).

Romantic jewellery pieces in our collections include the Favourite Pearl Drop Set with an elegant matching freshwater pearl necklace and pearl drop earrings.

The Button Pearl Studs are also one of our bestsellers, particularly with men looking for jewellery for their wives As worn by Helen Mirren, the classic, timeless design offers the perfect size earring for everyday wear.

However, you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, make sure you brighten their day and do whatever you can to make the occasion joyous (even if you are on the sofa watching your favourite movie).