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How to Elevate Your Style with Layering Jewellery


silver and pearl layering jewellery

The perfect way to make a statement with your outfit and add style is to layer your jewellery. Layering sets are our firm favourites here amongst the Claudia Bradby team. As you may know, our handcrafted pearl jewellery is all about unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. And what better way to create your own unique style than by pairing some of your favourite jewellery pieces together?

Our pret-a-porter style layering sets are the perfect place to start when it comes to starting out with layering. Take our Silver and Pearl Pendant Set for instance, which includes a combination of choker, long and pendant pearl necklaces to create a striking look that is perfect for both special occasion and casual wear.

Speaking about her love of layering jewellery, Claudia said: “The trend for layering your jewellery is not going away so we thought we would curate some of our most loved items into pret-a-porter sets to make the decision making process that much easier.  The joy of a layering set is each element can also be worn on its own or layered up with other pieces of jewellery giving you the ability to make your jewellery truly personal to you.”

Tick All Their Jewellery Boxes

Our layering jewellery and pearl necklace gift sets are of course especially popular as gifts. Traditional jewellery gift sets feature a necklace, bracelet and earring set of the same design, but we like to do things a little differently and create sets that are unique and extra special. Take our Beach Lover’s Bracelet Stack featuring two bracelets combining the power of the timeless pearl with a beautiful sterling silver shell design. Our favourite motto ‘The World is Your Oyster’ is also engraved – perfect for inspiring any adventurer seeker as they head into a New Year.

For a more traditional pearl jewellery gift set, there’s our Favourite Pearl Drop Set – with elegant pearl drop necklace and matching earrings.


It’s been a tough year for us all, so tick all their jewellery boxes with the power of a gift they can treasure forever.