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Introducing our CB icons


Worn by women all over the world we love seeing how our jewellery is styled. And even better we love hearing how our jewellery works across your wardrobe and lives. Here are some of the women who provide some iconic and inspirational styling of our designs.

Chet has always wooed us with her energy, her cooking and her great style. Her first choice from our designs  was our biography bracelet which she always wears with great panache, and she is a big fan of jewellery layering. Style wise we love how she mixes high street brands with high end pieces, and has a great mix of modern classics with a nod to current trends. She also has a wicked sense of humour and we think she should be on the TV… check out her Insta to see her videos. Oh, and she is also studying sustainability in fashion so we are hoping to work with her on firstly learning, and then implementing some new initiatives.

Of our new dreamcatcher range she said: “This range captures everything I love about jewellery, it is elegant, simple, modern and timeless. An easy to wear and layer range with some beautiful pieces.’”

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If you have not discovered Nikki’s blog yet, we urge you to follow her at  Previously the editor of Selfridges Magazine she really knows a thing or two about not only style, and retail, but offers interesting insight into some of the water cooler issues we women face.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, and we really like her sense of humour too… We sent her our World Is Your Oyster necklace when she started out her journey as a blogger, and she has kindly supported us ever since.

We love what she recently said about our new range, and in particular our new micro world is your oyster bracelet:

“The bracelet goes with my the world is your oyster’ necklace which is my talisman – and gives me hope that the world will be ours again before too long. I love the fact that unlike a bangle it doesn’t clatter as I type so I can wear it all the time.”

Our World is your Oyster range offers a variety of gorgeous silver and pearl designs. Each piece of this collection is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for anyone and are some of our most popular gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. They are perfect, too, for those starting out on new adventures and would make a lovely graduation gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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A broadcaster we hugely admire, but also a woman who is inspiring. Super bright (she read English at Cambridge) she is always across her brief.  And we think it is fair to say she puts many others to shame for their less passionate, and thorough, approach. There does not seem to be much she can’t turn her hand to be it TV, radio, writing, and quiz hosting. She is very supportive of women in sport, and is a great champion of trying to get stronger coverage for women’s sport. We hugely admire her and always love seeing her wearing our designs.

Clare spoke recently of how important making female athletes and sports stars visible is:

“For me, it’s about creating those moments where women are in the spotlight, because you can’t make iconic figures unless you give them the airtime, the facetime, the print time.”

Over the years, Clare has beautifully worn many iconic CB designs. One of her favourite piece is the Signature Heart pearl necklace, which she has been spotted wearing many times on television.

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