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Introducing the Northern Star Collection


Northern Star Collection

Welcome to our Northern Star pearl and silver range. This is our most powerful pearl range yet and Claudia explained her thoughts behind these beautiful new pearl and silver jewellery designs.

‘This new range of designs is an articulation of my design philosophy – strong, simple and unusual pearls in adaptable and highly wearable designs. I have to admit to being inspired by the compelling historical drama The Vikings, and in particular the warrior women. They were at heart farmers, and home makers, but also adventurers who used their skills to expand their horizons. The women fought in battle and were known as shield maidens. I found their courage and warmth very appealing, in particular a character called Lagertha. Inspired by the show I visited the British museum to see the Viking jewellery and I was moved by the connection back in time, as well as the fact that the jewellery had endured through the centuries. Pearls are the oldest known gemstone to have adorned people, and I was interested in jewellery through the ages and its role in society. The Vikings wore bracelets to pledge loyalty to their kings, and the women wore beautiful shawl brooches into battle. I was very attracted to their shapes as you can see in the new Lagertha studs with simple pearl drops.

I wanted to create some jewellery using these beautiful outlines – strong and simple – as adornment for the strong and adventurous women of today. The northern star embossed pieces have at heart both the northern star and the points of the compass to help us navigate and centre ourselves, as well as reflecting the shape of the shield maiden’s shields.  The simple pearl in the middle adds a modern day embellishment.

And so to the iconic power pearls of our Marilyn, Coco and Angelina pieces. These are named after some of our favourite icons who have worn pearls.  It is often said that femininity is a superpower, and a point of strength for women, so I wanted to harness and capture the intense femininity inherent in beautiful pearls with these particular new designs. This is the ultimate pearl power. I hope you will love these new powerful designs.

There is a trend right now for statement pearl earrings and I wanted to include some strong pearl designs in this collection.  The Lagertha Cascade Wing earrings feature simple rice pearls and can be worn on their own or layered up with our single pearl studs.  They will be a key look as we approach the party season.  The Marilyn pearl hoops offer a striking new earring silhouette with 3 simple pearls threaded onto them.

I hope you will enjoy wearing these designs as much as I have done designing them.  They are all designed to work together so do look at our Instagram account for more inspiration on how to layer them.