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Jewellery Trend: Necklace Layering



At Claudia Bradby we love nothing more than layering our pendants and pearls, and our latest designs have been created with just this in mind. Our beautiful pearl pendants offer a choice of length, pearl shape and colour to help you find a combination that suits you. A long pendant can be worn with almost any style of shorter necklace so is a great place to start your layering. Three of our best long layering pendants are the Essential Long Pearl Pendant, our new Baroque Pink Pearl Long Pendant and the Margarita Pearl Long Pendant with its large irregularly shaped pearl. All three earn their place in your jewellery wardrobe as gorgeous standalone pieces that also layer beautifully.

Turning our attention to the shorter pieces and an adjustable chain length will help you to experiment with lengths and necklines. To pick three of our favourites again, the Essential Pearl Necklace, The World Is Your Oyster Necklace or the Signature Heart Pendant are all great everyday necklaces that work well with longer necklaces for low-key luxe style. Choker length necklaces are very much the thing at the moment and so you could choose to swap your long pendant for a choker style, or wear three pieces layered. Keep chokers dainty for the most current look; our new Button Pearl Chokers have been designed for layering and the Signature Heart Necklaces can also be worn at choker length.

With all this choice, here’s a super easy option to finish with! For effortless layering our new Cirque Silver and Pearl Lariat does all the work for you; simply wear doubled over to create a refreshingly modern and feminine layered necklace. We could go on to talk about the many other ways this multi-tasking necklace can be worn, but that deserves a journal entry to itself…

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