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June’s Birthstone jewellery gifts


Did you know that the pearl is the the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in June.  Steeped in stories, pearls are said to signify faithfulness, friendship and loyalty.  We love the stories attached to the feminine pearl, which range from being born of the Earth’s waters and the heaven’s powers, being the daughter of the Moon, as well as the strong astrological associations with the planet Venus. Like pearls, the goddess of love originally came from the sea which is a connection we embrace. Our most loved gem,  pearls are feminine, powerful and ultimately very adaptable to the person wearing them.  They are the perfect June birthday gift.

Pearls are the oldest gem known to mankind, and they do not need to be cut, faceted or polished to show their natural beauty. They have a rich history as a sacred and revered gem, and have been worn by some of the most iconic and stylish women in the world.  We love seeing our leading ladies in pearls, with of course The Queen leading the charge.  Pearls are multi-generational and we love this image of The Queen with her grand-daughter-in-law wearing pearls she was given by The Queen.  Pearls do make the perfect gift.  See all our pearl gifts here.

Discover our Sophia  white pearl necklace, featured, and our audrey pearl studs.

Pearl jewellery makes the perfect gift for any woman, but have particular resonance for anyone born in the month of June. All our designs are similarly imbued with stories and meaning.  In particular we love our iconic Biography pearls which have been worn  by Dame helen Mirren, among many others.  One of Claudia’s first designs, this beautiful necklace, with its matching bracelet and silver hoop pearl earrings  was inspired by a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a beautiful pearl necklace over a simple grey t-shirt.  They were Claudia’s first significant design to illustrate her design handprint – making pearls modern and wearable to create the ultimate off-duty pearl style.

The perfect gift for anyone with a new baby born in June, or for a mother with a birthday in June is our Mother and child silver and pearl pendant,seen here with our beautiful pink pearl duo ear jackets.  Originally commissioned by Kate Middleton, as she then was, it is one of our most loved pearl and silver necklaces and comes with either a silver, white or natural pink pearl charm.  You can add extra pearl charms to signify other loved members of the family.

We love pearls’ association with romance – they have been given as tokens of love through the centuries and there are many famous examples of romantic pearl gifts.  Prince Rainer Grimaldi III of Monaco gave the beautiful Grace Kelly a set of pearl jewellery on their engagement, Marilyn Monroe received a classic pearl choker necklace from new husband Joe DiMaggio on their honeymoon and actor Richard Burton presented Elizabeth Taylor with the famous La Peregrina pearl as a valentine gift.  Our peregrina pearl drops offer the perfect June birthday gift.

Despite these extravagant examples, good quality cultured pearls mean that beautiful pearls are an attainable luxury, which is why Claudia’s maxim is that every woman should be afforded the luxury of beautiful pearls, every day.  Buy your loved one some pearls for their june birthday to make it an extra special and most thoughtful gift.  Discover all our favourite pearl gifts in our June Birthstone Gift Guide.