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Launching our new Guardian Angel Collection



Excitement has been building in the office over the past weeks preparing the launch of our new Guardian Angel collection. Taking over the trend of meaningful jewellery, this gorgeous new collection has a very emotional feel. For this range, Claudia was inspired by the idea of having guardian angels to watch over and protect us, which led her to draw, and then cast, her iconic angel wing design. The first twinkling of the idea came from Claudia reading Philip Pullman’s brilliant ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy – the concept of characters having a daemon on their shoulder who acted as a sort of conscience, or other self, giving advice and support was very compelling and resonant of loved ones being with us, even when they were not physically present. Fans of the trilogy will recognize the name Lyra…an inspirational fictional character.

The Lyra silver wing ear climber is the heroine of this collection, combining the trend for statement ear wear and meaningful jewellery. This enchanting earring, designed with a small hook to stay in place, sits prettily against the ear and is finished with a small white pearl drop detail. Versatile, this ear climber can be worn alone or as a pair. To create a modern and laid back chic style, we suggest stacking with your favourite pearl and silver earrings.

Another key piece from this collection is the Lyra silver wing long pendant. With its gorgeous long fine silver chain, this pendant allows the wearer to pair with other silver and pearl necklaces to achieve a layered look. We like to layer it with the larger Signet pendant which balances really well with the length of this pendant. We love how delicate and chic this necklace is.

Central to this collection, the Lyra silver wing necklace makes a thoughtful gift. Featuring the iconic silver wing design, this sophisticated necklace can be given to your loved ones as a talisman which symbolises love and friendship. Each piece from the Guardian Angel collection makes an ideal present for Christmas or a milestone event.

“For this collection I was inspired by the idea of having guardian angels to watch over and protect us, which is what led me to the angel wing design.  I wanted to create a meaningful talisman that can be given and worn as a symbol of love and friendship.” – Claudia Bradby