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Low Key Luxury



Low key luxury is a phrase that we use a lot in the Claudia Bradby office and is central to our attitude towards jewellery and how it should be worn.  But what does it actually mean and, more importantly, look like?  To us, it’s the addition of something to make you feel special, no matter what your day looks like.  Accessories are easy to overlook in a busy routine (clichéd but true), but the addition of some lovely jewellery really can give you a lift.  Our Essential Luxury collection was designed to look great with everything from a simple sweater and jeans to evening wear, so offers the perfect way to add a little understated luxury to any outfit.

An article in January’s Vogue caught our eye on plus-one dressing. The feature divides red carpet partners into ‘upstagers’ or ‘downplayers’ and concludes that ‘discreet, but never wallflower, style’ is the way to go.  This style embraces subtlety but with unique touches; flattering over show-stopping. We believe this translates to the everyday and can be achieved by little luxuries, such as adding real pearls to your daily wardrobe.

Pearls are a bit like cashmere in that way.  There’s something slightly undefinable about the luxury.  It’s part texture, part appearance and a good dose of simply being the real thing.  Real pearls give off a flattering glow that just can’t be replicated and as each one is individually grown, they have the added benefit of being as unique and individual as you are!    We love all-out glamour when the occasion is right, but it’s feeling a little bit special every day that we’re really aiming for.