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Maggie’s Journal #WhatBringsYouJoy



We’re thrilled to launch the JOY Necklace – our collaboration with Maggie’s to raise funds for this remarkable charity. All profits will go direct to Maggie’s. The Necklace is presented in a jewellery gift box with accompanying card, explaining the meaning behind the design and charitable collaboration. We think this is a great Christmas gift and we thank you for your support in helping us achieve our fundraising goals.

Claudia explains the inspiration behind the design: “We’re currently an all-female office and everyone of us have been affected by close friends or family suffering from cancer. I was deeply moved by Maggie’s personal journey and the phrase that stuck with me was her comment about ‘not losing the joy in living with the fear of dying’. Even without taking a serious illness into consideration, I feel this was a sentiment that struck to the very heart of life.

I particulary admire the approach that there is ‘no right way’ – the focus at Maggie’s of openess (no reception desks, uniforms or appointments necessary,) grass roots support that is practical, all wrapped up in inspired architecture, with a garden at its heart, combines to create very special places where people can feel secure. As a free centre it has at its core a very generous spirit, which you feel in every brick and breath. As Maggie said, you can’t do these things on your own – and the journey more often than not can be bewildering at best, terrifying at worst. Maggie’s provides an oasis where you can get help on every level.

This was the inspiration behind the JOY Necklace, a design that can be worn everyday with the sentiment of enjoying every day.”

Thank you very much for your support.

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