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Midlife Chic and Claudia Bradby – A Pearl Love Story


Here at Claudia Bradby, we are very lucky to be working with amazing bloggers. One of our long time partnerships is with blogger Nikki Garnett from Midlifechic style blog. If you’ve never been introduced to Midlifechic, Nikki is an authentic and passionate blogger, who has a journalistic background – she edited the Selfridge’s magazine for 9 years. In her blog, you will find a wide range of articles from style inspiration in the middle years, to family life, travel and more…

We discovered Midlifechic’s blog many years ago, and immediately loved her work.  Her style inspiration articles for women over 40 and her approach to blogging really resonated with us. From there emerged the start of a wonderful partnership. In one of her recent posts about British fashion and jewellery, in which she features our brand amongst others, she says about Claudia;

‘Over the years that I’ve been blogging we’ve become friends which naturally makes me feel even closer to her work so I’m pleased to tell you that she’s just launched her latest designs.’

Over the years, Nikki has supported our brand and almost exclusively wears our jewellery!

‘It’s no exaggeration when I say that I wear Claudia Bradby jewellery at least six days out of seven which may seem unimaginative but I just love her designs and the detail that she puts into every collection’ – Nikki Garnett.

And we’re very flattered as she beautifully wears and styles our jewellery, and she effortlessly shows how the designs work across a hard working wardrobe, and all occasions.

It’s always a pleasure to see Nikki wearing our designs. Looking through her Instagram feed, it’s easy to tell that her most loved pieces are our Geo hoop earrings and our The World is your Oyster necklace; which she describes as her talisman.

Nikki says; ‘Claudia very kindly invited me to choose something from the Northern Star collection… I wanted to find a pair of earrings that might stop me from wearing the geo hoops that I opt for almost every day. I chose the Coco Epée earrings and you might have already spotted them because I’ve had them on them ever since they arrived. I’m also wearing my oyster necklace in this picture which, as you know, is my talisman’.

We’ve recently spotted her wearing what seems to be her new favourite earrings from our latest Northern Star collection; our iconic Coco Epee Pearl Drop earrings.

If you’re not already a reader of Midlifechic, we highly recommend having a look, as well as subscribing to her newsletter. You won’t be disappointed, and we know that many of her followers develop a very close tie with her – this reiterates that she posts genuine, thoughtful and meaningful articles – not a surprise to us, but something to treasure in a crowded social media landscape. Click here to visit Midlifechic blog.