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Modern Pearl Icons



If we asked you to name your pearl-wearing fashion idol then ten to one Jackie O. or Coco Chanel would spring immediately to mind. Close behind them you might think Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn; all undeniable icons whose style continues to influence us today.

Allow us to suggest some new candidates for the role. We’ve selected our favourite pearl stars who have taken the oldest of gemstones and transformed pearls into a thoroughly modern accessory that we can all take inspiration from.

Rihanna is our number one modern pearl icon. She evidently loves pearls and there were a multitude of photos we could have chosen, and with Rihanna, more is more! One of our favourite ways to steal her pearl style is through layering and it only takes two or three different length pearl strings to achieve your own version of this high-impact look. Two of our Essential Pearl Rope Necklaces worn doubled looks equally eye-catching, or vary your pearl sizes by adding the Couture Pearl Necklace. Rihanna also loves a statement pearl ring and our Pearl Cocktail Ring fits the bill nicely.

Emma Watson is a pearl earring devotee and carries off edgier styles to perfection, using them to counterbalance otherwise understated looks. Try wearing just one statement earring, such as our Double Pearl Geo Drop Earrings or Tribal Silver and Pearl Earrings, paired with a simple stud. Emma is also a fan of the current ear jacket trend such as our Duo Earrings in various colours or our Savanna Five-Pearl Ear Jacket for impact.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been admired for her quirky style on and off screen for many years but when it comes to pearls she keeps it simple and lets the pearls shine. The same favourites appear repeatedly in photographs and she has perfected the low-key luxury appeal of pearls. Choose a good quality pearl string, such as our Biography Pearl Necklace, and throw it on over everything from a simple grey tee to your LBD to achieve her laid-back elegant style.

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