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Most Loved Pearl Jewellery Christmas Gift Collection


This Christmas, we are celebrating The Power of the Gift – luxury handcrafted items made with love. If these hard times mean you can’t be together, give them a gift they can treasure forever.

The power of pearls will become part of their daily feelgood, with jewellery box favourites that will make them feel special every day.

Our Most Loved Christmas Gift Collection includes our bestselling gifts throughout 2020. We have been beautifully packaging our jewellery pieces and sending them directly to the recipient to make life easier.

As well as being carefully handcrafted with sterling silver and the finest freshwater pearls, what makes Claudia’s cultured pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so unique is that each piece has a story to tell.

Designed for casual, professional and special occasion wear, our most loved pearl necklace gifts, elegant bracelets and beautiful earrings become ‘jewellery box favourites’ – essential everyday jewellery that is worn time and time again and becomes a piece which stays close to their hearts.

The Power of the Gift

What people say about our most loved jewellery…..

“A surprise 10 year anniversary present for my partner which she loved. And is the perfect piece to complete her Claudia Bradby collection. Timeless and contemporary pearls.”


“Bought this for my Daughter, she loves small dainty jewellery and wanted a pearl necklace – this will be perfect for her.”


“This is a beautiful bracelet which I bought for my wife as an Anniversary gift. She was overjoyed and I now have a wish list of CB items for her upcoming birthday.”