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Mother’s And Style



In celebration of Mother’s Day this weekend, Claudia has been exploring how much her own mum, Jenny, has inspired her style and wondering if this, in turn, has influenced her 19-year-old daughter, Louisa.  As with many things, it appears the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to creativity and style…

What elements of your style have you inherited from your mother?

Claudia: My love of understatement and quiet elegance comes from my mother.  She’s very artistic and innovative with her style and always encourages me to look at things from a new perspective.

Louisa: Mum’s layering of jewellery and her whole glamorous yet understated look! Also the way she mixes edgy, sometimes masculine, tailoring with more classical feminine style.

Jenny: My mother had bearing and poise but also a naturalness which has influenced my style.

Which is your favourite Claudia Bradby piece of jewellery that you own?

Louisa: The Pearl Ear Cuff – no extra piercing needed!

Jenny:  It’s a hard choice between the silver heart necklace and the earrings Claudia gave me for Christmas which I have not yet taken off (Bella Pearl Necklace and Biography Earrings), and the Silver and White Duo Earrings.

Claudia:  Like Louisa, I wear my ear cuff pretty much every day.  The World Is Your Oyster Necklace was inspired by a shell Mum collected from the beach in Nowra (Australia), where I was born, so that has a special significance for me.  I also love layering the Pearl and Silver Bar Necklace with the Simple Pearl Pendant for an easy modern look.

Which piece of Claudia Bradby jewellery are you currently coveting?

Louisa:  There are lots so pay attention Mum!  The Savanna Three Pearl Ear Jacket, Geo Silver Hoop Earrings, Savanna Aqua Necklace, Santorini Black Spinel Necklace…

Claudia:  It doesn’t count if I answer!  Instead I am coveting my mum’s most recent two life drawings for an upcoming exhibition…  I think I will buy one for my new office. She is a wonderful artist constantly evolving her ideas and use of colour.

Jenny:  I’m simply coveting many more years to wear all the glorious pieces.