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New For AW16: Ombre



Hair, clothing, accessories and now pearls, the ombre trend is not slowing down. Ombre is normally used to describe when colours gradually fade into each other, from light to dark.

Featuring lustrous silver and white pearls the Ombre Button Pearl Rope Necklace & Bracelet will add a casual yet sophisticated balance to any outfit this season. So what are button pearls? Round button pearls are described as flattened pearls, resembling a button, and normally symmetrical. These silver and white button pearls featured are the ideal size to add a bit of oomph, the contrasting silver and white colours create a block colour effect.

The size of pearls used to create a gorgeous pearl robe is so important. If the pearls are too large they can become rather bulky and clumsy; however both the new Ombre Button Pearl Rope Necklace and Essential Pearl Rope Necklace feature pearls that create the ideal pearl robes. These two pearl ropes are so very versatile; whether styled doubled-up or worn simply around the neck.

Want a little bit more colour? The Ombre Silver & Peacock Baroque Pearl Rope Necklace creates a statement pearl rope necklace. The gorgeous silver and peacock baroque pearls tonally complement each other. The varying size of the baroque pearls makes this a unique piece.

Baroque pearls are normally non-symmetrical and irregular in shape. They can also be abstract shapes, creating one-off pieces. The varying sizes and tones of the baroque pearls offers a modern update on the classic pearl rope. Layer with as many pearl ropes as you wish, for maximum pearl impact.

Our silver and peacock pearls feature a stunning lustre, when partnered with the white it really creates a gorgeous calming palette.

How do we create these gorgeous silver and peacock pearls? The colour of our silver and peacock pearls is achieved using a heat treatment that creates a chemical reaction in the pearl. This colour is permanent and will not fade.

Claudia makes sure that she only uses coloured pearls in her designs that have high quality lustre, no matter what the colour. Shape and weight are also very important when sourcing pearls, so our coloured pearls are in limited supply. So be quick and shop our Ombre collection.