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New Moonlight collection



This week we’re delighted to launch our new pieces for the Autumn/Winter season, the ‘star’ of the show being our new Moonlight collection. These pieces feature a single round pearl embedded into a delicate star shaped setting, making a captivating collection that looks lovely worn as a single piece alongside your favourite jewellery, or worn together for a very on-trend layered look. The choice of silver, gold and rose gold means you can mix the metals together and create your own combination.

This is a very personal collection for Claudia, inspired by her love of the night sky at different times of year, seen from the area of Hampshire where she grew up and still lives:  “Part of the impetus behind the Moonlight collection was the round beauty of the moon, so feminine yet powerful. I loved the search for luscious, plump and alluring pearls, a good round shape was key, and then there follows some alchemy when you find just the right size, colour and lustre for each design. I intentionally cast the base stars with origami crisp lines to give contrast to the smooth, glowing orbs of the pearls in the star pieces. I spent many hours getting the shade of the pearls right to allow for sufficient contrast to one another and also to look as striking as possible with their chosen metal.”

The result is a romantic yet contemporary collection that will add some celestial sparkle to your winter wardrobe.

Shop the collection here.