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New Pearl Jewellery Collection – The Power Within


“Did you know that the strongest of the four fundamental forces of nature is the strong nuclear force, which sits quietly within every atom until harnessed?

“I was very interested in this idea of the power within”, says Claudia.

“And how we ourselves might choose to harness it.

Claudia had a personal interest in the regenerative power of nature. “It has helped me navigate this year and led me design wise to the forces of nature that govern our everyday – the sun, the moon and gravity itself.”

Our new Power Within designs feature crescent moon shapes, double gravity hoops, powerful sunbursts and beautiful pearls of course.

We All Have Beauty and Power Within Us

The pearl itself, as you may know starts as a tiny force of its own around which the the mollusc wraps its beautiful nacre to create something that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

“I do feel that we all have a beauty and ‘power within’ us that whether we choose to harness now or tomorrow is perhaps a promise of something really wonderful ahead.

“My new Silver and Pearl Sunburst Studs and Matching Pendant were designed with a powerful ‘burst’ of energy in mind,” says Claudia:

“I like their modern off-centre feel with their dynamic rays radiating out from the central calming pearl.  I designed them to layer up your ears and up and down your neckline and I love their ‘pretty and fierce’ vibe.”

As you may know, Claudia is certainly a hoop earring obsessive – so it is no surprise that they feature highly in this new range.

The elegant curve of the Crescent Moon Pearl Hoop Earrings is hand polished and finished silver sun bursts, and lustrous pearl orbs.

“Our heroine of the hoops is the Double Gravity Pearl Hoop Earrings – I was inspired by Anthony Gormley’s Wild Orbit picture and sculpture at the Royal Academy as well as The Duchess of Sussex’s comments about us being ‘stronger together’ in her Guest edit of Vogue in 2019.  The connection between us all is strong, symbolised by these powerful hoops.

The Power of Positivity Conquers All

“Engaging more fully in nature this year, in the height of the international pandemic was very grounding and the ability to feed a family from one planted seed brought home, anew, the power in the world around us.

“I have also been inspired by some close friends and new friends who have had the courage to make new starts of their own and I am soothed by this ability of humanity to refresh itself.”

“This collection symbolizes the power within us all.  I wanted to create symbols of nature’s power with a quiet pearl at its centre to .   I’d like to leave you with a quote from Tim Walker that I saw at his exhibition at the Vand A in 2019.

“Ends are always followed by beginnings – something new could start now, right here.  There really are so many wonderful things.”

Claudia x