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Our Hero Pearls


hero pearls montage

While everyone has their own unique style and tastes, we find that some pieces of our jewellery resonate more than others and have broad appeal across age groups. We’ve picked out three bestselling items that do just that and are the enduring heros of our collections…

Duo Earrings – These pearl-studs-with-a-difference have been our bestselling earring design for several years, so much so that we now offer them in six different colour options. This understated yet flattering design has been worn by celebrities such as Dame Helen Mirren. We put their popularity down to the easy style that can be worn with anything and everything. Another of Claudia’s core design philosophies is versatility and the removable jacket of our Duos gives you two styles in one earring, and the flexibility to mix and match pairs to create your own colourway. Shop Duo Earrings.

The World Is Your Oyster Necklace – Our ‘The World Is Your Oyster’ pieces have become a signature design for Claudia, loved for the life-affirming message that sits so neatly alongside our passion for pearls. The silver inscripted disc sparkles when it catches the light, making this pendant the perfect addition to any outfit for a low-key luxury feel. One of Claudia’s key design philosophies is to not be prescriptive but to create jewellery that adapts to your own personal style, and The World Is Your Oyster necklace certainly does that. Shop The World Is Your Oyster necklace.

The Cirque Silver and Pearl Lariat, another one of our Hero pieces, is very popular among bloggers – here is Beth Goodrham, ChilliesandClothes and Madam B shops wearing the necklace. The versatile Cirque Lariat can be paired with a chic ensemble as well as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This gorgeous necklace was designed to be worn in 3 different ways, to suit your style and mood. Shop the Cirque Lariat.