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Our Love Affair with Pearl Bracelets



The pearl bracelet has long been a favourite accessory of classic style icons. It adds charm to an understated outfit, lifting it from mundane to special, bestowing an aura of calm authority and assured confidence on the wearer.

Such women as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana all understood its power. Jacqueline Kennedy paired hers with the streamlined silhouette of a simple shift dress or skirt suit, which nowadays would make an elegant work-wear look.

Diana showed that pearls are extravagant enough for any occasion, even a royal ball – but the wonderful versatility of this old gemstone means that it will look equally stylish with a pair of jeans, or peeking from beneath a coat sleeve in the winter.

It is no wonder that the pearl bracelet has such a remarkable ability to perfectly complete any outfit. The pearl has long been considered special, and believed to impart something to its wearer. In the Middle Ages, knights would wear pearls on the battlefield, believing that the iridescent gems would keep them from harm. In the modern world, it certainly feels as though we could all do with a little of that protective power.

There is no doubt that a pearl bracelet, then, is the ultimate gift. It adds the wearer to a long line of stylish ladies who know their own taste, and will add intrigue and elegance to any outfit. It is not just style, however, but substance too – the reassuring heritage of the pearl will give confidence to its owner and perhaps (if we are to believe that ancient myth!) preserve them from danger. The durable pearl will never date, and will glide effortlessly through seasons with little regard for passing fads in fashion or celebrity.