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Partywear jewellery – Time to celebrate!


As individuals, and as a business, the whole CB team celebrate the beauty and diversity of our friends and colleagues, and in particular of the women who buy and wear our jewellery.  So we decided to harness this natural beauty by using real women (ie not professional models) to wear our party selection.

Christmas felt the perfect time to put our principles into practise so we asked 2 of our lovely colleagues to pick up the baton – the lovely Faye, (who keeps us all organised as office manager), and the lovely Tracey (who keeps the money side straight) who seemed very happy to spend the morning dressing up in beautiful jewellery – who knew it could be so much more fun that spreadsheets….!. Even Claudia joined in, and I can’t tell you how much fun we had!

We hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our labour. We understand that many companies go away and build stone steps over Cornish banks and work out tricky problems together – we can recommend a bottle of red wine, some great jewellery, some cheesy Christmas music, a warm fire and a small dog for team bonding and building…

Please enjoy our favourite party looks and the jewellery we love to wear for all the festive celebrations.

Here they are…

For those of you wearing sequins for your Christmas parties, we suggest wearing simple and delicate sterling silver and pearl jewellery. Tracey is pairing our Silver and Pearl Pendant Layering Set with our Favourite white pearl hoop earrings, our Angelina pearl bracelet and our Northern Star ring to add subtle touch of glam.  Of course all these beautiful pearl pieces can be worn on their own, but this is the moment to embrace the layering look.

If sequins are not for you and you prefer to wear a simple and classic top like Claudia, we suggest wearing a few statement pieces to elevate your look. Claudia is wearing our gorgeous Calligraphy Ripple Hoop earrings in silver, our bestseller Cirque Lariat and our gorgeous Sophia pearl bracelet stacked with our Essential white pearl bangle. We suggest adding our Signet Open pearl ring and our Signet ring to add even more luxe to your outfit.

For those of you who are thinking of wearing a print dress or top, we suggest wearing a statement pearl necklace and statement ring with pretty pearl hoop earrings. To make her leopard print dress stand out, Faye chose to wear our Signature Heart white pearl necklace with our Siren three pearl hoop earrings and our luxurious Cocktail pearl ring.

To keep it casual, we suggest layering necklaces of different lengths and wearing a beautiful pair of pearl drop earrings. In this look, Tracey is wearing our Lagertha drop stud earrings and our Ombre pearl lariat layered with our Essential white pearl necklace –its sparkly chain adds some seasonal sparkle. And to add a bit more chic to your casual look, we suggest adding our gorgeous Cocktail ring.


We hope you’ll find the perfect party pearls to match your Christmas party look -do contact us if you need styling advice, we’ll be happy to help you find the right piece for you.  And please let us know if you like the new pictures – we are thrilled.

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