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Pearl Jewellery Inspired by Legendary Style Icons


Timeless, luxurious and always full of grace, pearls date back as early as 2300 BC when they were presented as gifts to royalty and pearl jewellery was seen as the ultimate status symbol. Since then the elegant gemstone as been adored and worn regularly by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and in more recent years Dame Helen Mirren and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Claudia started creating freshwater pearl jewellery with idea of modernising, and bringing a fresh perspective to this treasured gemstone. Conveying a sense of power in her designs and adding subtly beautiful sterling silver touches – this allowed Claudia’s jewellery to become everyday jewellery box favourites and worn in any setting.

How Marilyn Wore Her Pearls

One of the most beautiful pearl necklaces Claudia saw was the one given to Marilyn Monroe by Joe Dimaggio on their wedding night.  Round lustrous orbs which seemed imbued with the sheer presence of her beauty. The gemstone is very much an iconic part of her look and the wonderful memories we have of her.

As a strong and inspirational woman, Marilyn founded her own film company back in 1954 to have more control over her income and was known for her hardworking and ambitious work ethic. Her mother’s middle name was also Pearl.  Our designs are very inspired by the pearl jewellery she wore and we like to think of them carrying some of her energy and beauty and glamour.

Pearl Necklace Gifts

Give someone special the gift of a timeless cultured pearl necklace that they can treasure forever. The unique style of our pieces allow them to be worn in both casual and formal settings, as seen on style icons Dame Helen Mirren and Susanna Reid. Pair with an elegant pair of pearl earrings and beautiful pearl and silver bracelet and your loved one will feel like a Hollywood star this Christmas. As Jackie Kennedy once said “Pearls are always appropriate”.