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Pearls As Gifts Through History



As the oldest known gemstone, pearls have a long history as the perfect gift. Natural pearls, worn so prominently by Royalty, were in their time, the most valued of gemstones. They have always been prized for their uniqueness, something which we still celebrate here at Claudia Bradby. Like fingerprints, each one is unique, adding to their attraction.

Our Peregrina Pendant, featuring a beautiful tear shaped pearl was inspired by the most famous pearl in the world. Known as the Phillip ll pearl, la Peregrina was the most celebrated pearl of its time, not only for its size but also its perfect pear shape and bright white coloration. It was found off the coast of Panama in the 16th century and was promptly delivered to King Phillip ll of Spain, who presented the gem to his new bride. In 1969 La Peregrina was bought by Richard Burton for a staggering $37,000 as a gift for his wife Elizabeth Taylor. She commissioned Cartier to redesign it making a necklace with rubies and diamonds. In 2011 the necklace sold for over $10.5 million at Christies.

The Queen wears her pearls regularly – both necklace and pearl studs. One strand of the necklace below was a gift from her Grandfather King George V and the earrings a gift from her beloved Queen Mary. A perfect and enduring gift this Christmas would be our Sophia Pearl Necklace and Audrey Pearl Studs, offering an appropriately modern take on a very traditional and eternal gemstone.

You may be interested to know that the World’s largest pearl is alleged to be from the Philippines – a fisherman there has kept what might be the largest natural pearl ever hidden in his home for more than 10 years. It is EYE POPPING and we’re not sure we would want to wear it anywhere…