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Pretty in Pink



It’s no secret that we love pearls in all their natural shapes, colours and sizes, but this season we have a particular yen for the natural pale pastel shades of pink that are so flattering to most skin tones.  As the only naturally occurring shade other than white, pink pearls develop their pigment while within the shell.  As a result their colour can vary considerably, sometimes taking on a silver hue and sometimes hints of peach or purple. This is one of their great appeals but makes matching earrings a bit more demanding!

Within our designs you will also find molten silver pearls and beautiful peacock pearls, named after the occasionally green iridescence you find in quality peacock coloured pearls. These colours are achieved through heat treatment and only the best quality white pearls result in good quality coloured pearls. The end results are used to create modern, striking designs such as our Ombre and Glitterati collections. All four pearl colours that we work with bring their own feeling and mood to the designs and help to build a varied jewellery wardrobe that will see you through the seasons. To us, the pink pearls are particularly evocative of romance, new starts and all things natural. So, with a brand new collection of fresh pink colour combinations landing any day now, bring on Spring!