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Red Carpet Pearls



As the 89th Oscars approach you can’t escape the pre-awards night buzz, where the talk is as much about fashion as it is about the films. It’s an occasion when the spotlight shines as brightly on the jewellery as it does the dresses and so the perfect time to highlight the glamorous party pieces from the Claudia Bradby collection. For show-stopping glamour, our Lucia Couture Pearl and Pyrite Necklace and matching bracelet would look at home on any red carpet. The triple strand combination of glittering pyrite and lustrous pearls adds sparkle to any party outfit and the light colours make these perfect for summer occasions.

Our Ombre Pearl Lariat Necklace is an ideal choice for low necklines as the chain can be tied at a length to suit your gown. The combination of white and silver pearls on a delicate chain adds elegance without overshadowing your dress. If you’re going for a sleek, minimalist look then our Art Deco inspired Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Earrings could be just the thing to add the finishing touch to your look. We couldn’t forget the ultimate red carpet accessory, an elegant white pearl princess necklace, which has graced the necks of many screen icons over the Academy Awards’ 89 year history. Our Couture Pearl Necklace could be your own timeless classic. While we may not have received an invite for an Oscars after party (yet), we know what we’ll be wearing for our very own summer party season.