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Royal Wedding Jewellery



As the big day approaches, there is a huge amount of speculation over every aspect of Meghan’s couture and style, but as jewellers we are inevitably debating at length what jewellery she might wear.

Some think the Spencer Tiara is the front-runner, on the grounds that Princess Diana wore it on her wedding day and it would be lovely nod by both Harry and Meghan to his beloved mother. Made by Garrard in the 1930s, it is indisputably a stunning piece. It remains in the possession of Earl Spencer, however, and whilst he would undoubtedly offer it to Harry for the big day if asked, it seems likely that Meghan might want something that was more her own.

Kate, of course, wore the one thousand diamond Cartier Halo Scroll tiara, which though a wonderful piece, suited her low key style (strange to say, given the number of diamonds), which she paired with Robinson and Pelham earrings that were a gift from her family. Given how close she is to her parents, this was a very typical gesture on her part. Family remains the core of everything the Middletons do. Meghan, though, is unlikely to want to follow in Kate’s footsteps and the tiara is on display in Australia at the moment, so we can safely rule this out.

Another favourite would be the Cambridge Lover’s knot, which was often worn by Diana and remains in the royal collection. This diamond and pearl tiara was designed by Queen Mary and made by Garrard in 1914. It was given to Diana as a wedding gift by the Queen in 1981. Its bold use of pearls obviously makes it a talking point in our office.

Claudia’s own personal favourite is the lotus flower tiara, worn with effortless twenties style by the Queen Mother.  And finally, Meghan could opt for the Queen Mary fringe tiara, made by Garrard in 1919. It is a striking piece, with 46 diamond bars, separated by smaller diamond spikes. It can also be used as a necklace. It still seems likely, on balance, that Harry and Meghan will want to choose something from the royal collection, but she is very much her own woman and they may both want to strike out with something entirely new that is completely her own. That would certainly be an interesting step and perhaps not at all surprising. Only a few days to go until all will be revealed!