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Sustainable Jewellery that Gives Back #StrongerTogether


recycled silver jewellery

Here at Claudia Bradby, our small team have a big mission this year – to make a difference when it comes to social and environmental causes. That’s why we’ve joined forces with 1% For the Planet – a powerful source designed to help the planet and future generations thrive.

To celebrate the launch of this special partnership, Claudia has also recently launched the Honey Bee collection featuring sustainable jewellery inspired by ancient Greek coins. Raising awareness for the humble honey bee, and in particular the apis mellifera mellifera which is native to the UK – each special bee coin has been handcrafted using recycled silver. In our first year of our 1% for eht planet membership our funds will go to support the conservation of the native uk honey bee via The B4 Project.

How Claudia’s Jewellery Helps the Planet

Making sustainable choices such as choosing to wear or gift recycled silver jewellery, ensures we are doing our bit to protect the world for the future. Conscious fashion means both production teams and consumers are more mindful when it comes to the materials used and what items are circulating in our wonderful planet.

Treating yourself or someone special has always been something that makes us feel good, but imagine extending that special feeling even further by knowing you’re choosing an item like sustainable jewellery, handcrafted with caring for the planet in mind.

Our values here at Claudia Bradby are focused heavily on being a company for good – we believe that businesses have a responsibility to have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we chose to partner with 1% For The Planet – where 1% of our annual turnover is actively managed for social and environmental causes.  You can read more about our membership here.

#StrongerTogether – A More Connected World

After the huge challenges we all faced in 2020, Claudia has been reflecting on the importance of connections – be it mainly in a virtual sense due to lockdowns, be it with a friend, family member, colleague or neighbour – we are all #StrongerTogether.  This philosophy is implicit in 1%for the planet, and in our support of the conservation of the honey bee. In fact Claudia was also inspired by her beekeeping hobby.  She says ‘a single bee is not recognized as a single organism, rather as contributing to the health of the colony as a whole – they are all interdependent and linked which I think is a fine metaphor for humanity and the plant.  This is why I put the icon of two interlinked circles on my recycled silver bee coins, to illustrate that we are #strongertogether’.

Imagine a world where we all support each other in any way we can, huge challenges suddenly seem less daunting because we have each other to lean on when times get tough.

Inspired partially by Claudia’s love for beekeeping and work with Cornish bee charity The B4 Project, The Honey Bee recycled silver jewellery collection also dates back to early Greek coinage where Ephesus had the bee as a civic emblem and this was in recognition of their value. Claudia’s thoughts followed that we could adopt the bee as a new icon for a new more connected world order. One in which we are #StrongerTogether (as signified by the linked circles on each coin).

Whatever your goals this year, we hope the #StrongerTogether motto helps you, your family and friends in some way.