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The Inspiration Behind the Seascape Collection


Seascape Collection

A love of the sea sits at the heart of Claudia’s Spring Summer collection, but dive in a bit deeper to see how myriad influences come to bear on her designs.

Claudia designs by gathering in ideas, then distilling them down into the final design, always driven to create desirable, wearable jewellery featuring beautiful and unique pearls.

Her new FAVOURITE hoops had a very simple inspiration. Reading an article about Dior’s spring collections struck a chord with Claudia. Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s daughter Raquelle asked her mother for sartorial advice for her first day as an intern. “She had this idea that she wouldn’t be able to dress like herself – that there was some mould she had to fit,” Chiuri is quoted as saying “Women always feel they have to change themselves to get on in life. I wanted to show that there are so many different ways to be strong.” This really resonated with Claudia, as did the end result from Dior…Chiuri turned to traditional Mexican horsewomen, the Escaramuza, inspired by their beauty, bravery and skill. The Escaramuza are female riders who compete in the male-dominated rodeos, performing daredevil manoeuvres at breakneck speed while riding sidesaddle, but they do it in traditional dress, because they don’t want to give up their femininity. The image of the Escaramuza riding at the Dior show melding romance and feistiness, and wearing the iconic fedora hats, always a favourite with us for their clean simple lines, sparked the idea for a strong simple hoop to wear with both beautiful hats, feminine clothes, and indeed for any day in the office, intern or not. They offer simple sophistication, and you can also slip the pearl off the hoop to wear just the silver hoop, and we like to think they channel a soupcon of the spirit of the Escaramuza women.

A trend for more unusual pearls and Claudia’s love of sculpture and nature resulted in our iconic new earrings, the siren hoops and the calligraphy ripple hoops both a new look for pearl drop earrings. Both designs feature slightly irregular, and lustrous, pearls. They work well with the trend for mismatched print, and uneven hems, as well as being key earrings to wear both with hats for high fashion days, and sarongs for low key, long summer days. Claudia says ‘I have hammered elegant swoops of earrings with wonderfully baroque mismatched pearl drops to give a sense of the originality of nature, and the inexactness of the natural pearl. I imagine exotic mermaids might hanker after the hoops to wear with their sea-tumbled hair, and the movement of the hoops will echo the shimmer of their scales.’ Something to transport your imagination this summer. And if you are looking for just one accessory for your summer holidays, you have just found them.

And being pulled back, like the tide, to the sea….

Swimming in the sea is one of Claudia’s great loves, and during a trip to Patmos last summer she was struck by the patterns of light on the clear water, and the bubbles of air that came off her fingertips as she swam in the crystal clear water, all encumbrances gone. Says Claudia ‘I was particularly mesmerised by the light playing on the water, and the bubbles that came flying back off my fingertips as I carved through the crystal clear water – they felt like reverse flames being streamed from my fingertips – I imagined I might have a super power…. Or just that the sea was a magical place again. Add to that the vast horizon offered by a view out to sea, and the restorative power of the sea, and you have a potent mix.’

This was the start of the seascape collection, which features delicate shimmering discs, dotted with sweet ‘pearls of the sea’ accents to represent tiny shells and treasures of the sea. Inspired by the play of light on water, it is a way of keeping the feel good power of the sea close by. We like to think that every piece channels the power of the ocean, and will imbue you with the spirit that it conjures up. Wear your jewellery at home, at play, on holiday and on highdays, and feel a siren of the sea.