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The New Cirque Collection



With our Cirque Collection launching this week, we wanted to share some of Claudia’s inspiration behind these captivating new pieces. As the name suggests, the design inspiration behind this collection came from Claudia’s fascination with the excitement and quirkiness of the circus. In particular the mesmerizing trapeze artists and the spirit of freedom and adventure they invoke, combining beauty and fluid movements with control and endurance. The necklaces, earrings and bracelet within the Cirque Collection have been designed to reflect this sense of freedom and movement, resulting in fun, playful pieces that are at the same time enduring and elegant.

The hero of this collection is the Cirque Silver and Pearl Lariat Necklace. This versatile necklace can adapt naturally to whatever you are wearing; the beautiful, natural pink pearl threads through the cut silver trapeze ring to sit at the height you wish, either pulled close to the neck in a choker style or worn long and loose. The long chain can also be worn doubled up for an easy, layered look. To truly embrace the free-spirited mood of the collection, Claudia recommends having fun with the earrings to create a statement look. Try wearing just one Cirque Drop Earring paired with a stud, or attach the chains from the drop earrings to the back of the Cirque Stud Earrings. This collection has been designed to mix and match, adapt and transform, to create your own circus adventure.