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The World is Your Oyster: A Perfect Graduation Gift



July is a month that holds much possibility. It is the burgeoning beginning of the summer, with all the hopefulness of the holidays ahead. It might even bring sun, if we are lucky, and perhaps a picnic, or that ultimate luxury of sitting outside as the light dims, sipping a cold drink and watching the sky grow pink, orange, purple.

For those who graduate from university – or leave school – this year, however, July means even more possibility than for most, but also the fear of the unknown: what happens next? They have so much ahead of them, and yet so little idea of what will happen. They need congratulation, but perhaps also reassurance and encouragement.

For this reason, our “The World is your Oyster” necklace might be the perfect graduation present. The delight of a pearl is that it has grown from a plain piece of shell or sand into something magnificent: the way a young person will acquire confidence and experience, and develop into their fully-fledged selves.  With the engraved message, you can show your loved one that there are many opportunities open to them, if only they believe it.

Beautifully simple, both classic and modern, this necklace would suit anyone – no matter their taste -and is ideal for adorning any summer outfit. Treat a loved one at that uncertain stage to something special: they are sure to appreciate both style and sentiment.