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The World Is Your Oyster



Of all our jewellery designs, The World Is Your Oyster Necklace receives more delighted feedback than any other. Not just a beautiful piece of jewellery, the embossed inscription makes it significant for so many life events and a touching gift. The story behind The World Is Your Oyster Necklace is equally touching. The pendant design was inspired by a shell given to Claudia by her mother, found on a trip to Australia. She had collected the sun-bleached oyster shell from the beach near where Claudia was born (the family were there for her father’s work) and brought it back as a memento.  Wanting to capture the fragile, organic shape of the shell, Claudia made a hand drawing of the outline shape from which a mould for the pendant was created, with special attention to the rounded edges to give the feel of a piece worn smooth by the sea. Pairing the pendant with a pearl charm highlights the exciting notion that each pearl originated from a similar shell and was created using the same incredible natural processes.

For Summer 2018 we have extended The World Is Your Oyster range to include a new, smaller version of the pendant as part of our Personalise collection, which can be combined with your choice of other charms. There’s a pretty white button pearl bracelet with the charm attached, and our silver The World Is Your Oyster Bangle has the charm and, of course, its companion pearl. The increased collection now makes it even easier to find the perfect gift for a graduation, christening, 18th birthday or wedding, or simply because someone needs reminding that anything is possible. A sentiment close to Claudia’s heart.

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