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Thoughts on kindness + our first podcast


Can we introduce you to someone special?  Rebecca, the owner of Last Night I Dreamt, has been stocking our modern pearls since she opened her beautiful treasure trove of a jewellery destination store in Southwell.  She asked Claudia to collaborate on a series of events this June to celebrate the pearl as the birthstone, and asked Claudia to share some thoughts on her mantra of kindness as well as to style out her pearls for the summertime.

So this June, to celebrate our special birthstone we have collaborated on a series of events, including a guest blog by Claudia for Rebecca’s Last Night I Dreamt website,  plus a first for us – we have recorded a podcast…..  As Claudia says in her podcast, it is our relationships that define us.  And here at CB we treasure our relationships with all our stockists and the inspiring people who run them.  Claudia told us ‘I love working with Becca, I find her passion and love for jewellery very inspiring, and I admire what she has created in her beautifully curated shop.  I absolutely love being part of the brilliant Last Night I Dreamt design family and story.  Thank you, Becca, for making all the magic happen.’  NB Rebecca wears our ESSENTIAL PEARL  necklace, our OMBRE PEARL LARIAT, and our white DUO earrings.

So…are you ready for our pearls of wisdom… ? In her first podcast Claudia talks about surviving lockdown, kindness, and connecting in with yourself,  and of course the connections we all have with our jewellery.  It is only 15 minutes so make yourself a cuppa, and steal 15 minutes for yourself.  You can listen on spotify or right here via this link HERE

In the meantime here is a very brief word from Claudia on kindness:

‘ An underestimated and potentially vanilla concept kindness has come to the forefront of mental health language recently, in recognition of it being  a powerful force for adjusting our thinking, and thus our mindsets.

In the beginning of this lockdown I was personally shown small but significant kindnesses  – from village help with shopping during a 14 day quarantine,  to our courier delivering an urgent parcel for free.  I enjoy yoga and one class I particularly relish starts with being asked to set a purpose for the practice – your mantra.  Niki Perry, founder of Blessed Yoga asks you to catch the first thing that comes into your head; hold onto it and make it meaningful for your practice.  It varies for me between strength and kindness. And I find it bolsters me, not only during the practice but for sometime afterwards.

When I talk about kindness, I mean kindness to people around me, as well as to myself.  We have 7 in our household at the moment so it can get hectic.  And the days are long at work.  So if I find myself falling into negative thoughts as I go to bed I make myself think of all the things I have achieved rather than berating myself for those I have not.  And this allows for a more peaceful nights sleep… mostly ….(;

When I get up similarly I set myself a quiet line of intention for the day and this line/mantra is generally around kindness, and steadiness.  With this at my core the ups and downs can be more easily borne.  Whilst not a cure-all and certainly not something I by any means achieve every day, the shift in perspective allows me to connect in with myself, and more importantly with others, more fully.  Moving this onto jewellery I do believe very strongly that your jewellery connects you in with how you are feeling, and can affect strongly what mood you want to channel – putting on a pair of pearl hoops gives me a boho freewheeling feel, for example.  As a very emotive gift jewellery with story and heart is just the most wonderful gift to give and to be given.  It starts another whole chain of stories that are then held in the jewellery’



Claudia has also written a guest blog for Rebecca, talking about how she will be styling her silver and pearl designs this summer.  You can read it HERE.   We have loved our collaboration this June with Rebecca and look forward to sharing more stories from our jewellery journey.  Thank you for being along for the ride with us xxx