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Two In One – The Ear Jacket


Ear Jacket

The ear jacket is an earring trend that has been around for a while and looks set to stay.  For the uninitiated, an ear jacket has a piece that attaches to the stem of the stud to sit around the bottom of your ear. This can be used to pretty effect by hiding the fixing behind the lobe so that the decorative part appears to float below or around the ear.  Take our new Savanna Five Pearl Ear Jacket. You have a generous white pearl stud in the centre with five smaller pearls encircling the earlobe for a striking effect. We would suggest wearing with minimal other jewellery to ensure these are the centre of attention.

Our stylish Duo earrings are a consistent best-seller and Dame Helen Mirren is among their famous fans. This year we have added new pink and pink and white colour options to the range. If you already have a pair then why not try mixing them up with a new shade to create your own colour combination.

Our Pearl and Silver Blade Geo Earrings offer a clean, modern take on the trend and add a subtle edge to your outfit, especially when paired with the matching pendant.  These are so versatile they would quickly become your go-to earring.

All of our ear jackets can be worn with our without the jacket, giving you two styles in one earring.  Choose ‘with’ for understated glamour (and very on trend) or without for an elegant pearl stud.  Especially handy for your pared down holiday wardrobe!