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Why We Love Pearls



We’re sure it comes as no surprise that we think June birthdays are the luckiest of all to have the pearl as your birthstone. What better excuse to add to more beautiful pearls to your jewellery collection each year?    So, what’s so special about pearls? Pearls are very feminine and are adaptable to moods and occasion like no other gemstone. They can dress up and down, and are universally flattering. As a natural product the pearl is presented in its raw state, created with no or very little intervention even in cultured pearls and therefore each one is unique. We celebrate the pearl because it is as individual as ourselves with its wide variety of surface characteristics and layers of tone and lustre.

Pearls are the oldest gemstone known to man; the oldest natural pearl ever found was unearthed in Arabia, believed to have originated between 5547 and 5235 B.C. The earliest known example of pearls used in jewellery is a three-strand pearl and gold necklace found in a Syrian tomb, dating from around 350 B.C., which is now displayed in the Persian Gallery at the Louvre. We love pearls’ association with romance, given as tokens of love through the centuries and there are many famous examples of romantic pearl gifts. Prince Rainer Grimaldi III of Monaco gave the beautiful Grace Kelly a set of pearl jewellery on their engagement, Marilyn Monroe received a classic pearl choker necklace from new husband Joe DiMaggio on their honeymoon and actor Richard Burton presented Elizabeth Taylor with the famous La Peregrina pearl as a valentine gift.

Despite these extravagant examples, good quality cultured pearls mean that beautiful pearls are an attainable luxury, which is why we believe that every woman should be afforded the luxury of beautiful pearls, every day. We are lucky enough to work this natural gemstone every day and its beauty and versatility never ceases to surprise us.